Montenegrin Navigation is expecting compensation for the damage of its ship

Representatives of the Montenegrin Navigation have initiated the compensation for damages procedure due to the destruction of the ship “21st May”. The ship was destroyed in February of last year in the Bulgarian Burgas port, writes “Dan”.

It’s the incident caused by the Bulgarian ferry “Drujba” that his the port of the Montenegrin ship which was anchored in the port.

According to the www.insurancemarinenews.com, the clash has provoked damage to the hull, main deck and part of the ship equipment.

Damage estimate has been made and the Montenegrin Navigation management is expecting to get 445.000 of US dollars of damage.

In 2018, “21st May” ship has suffered serious damage in the Burgas port in Bulgaria,  when “Drujba” ship hit the Montenegrin ship while it was anchored at the coast and un-shipping.

Through our P&I club, the procedure for the compensation for the inflicted damage has been initiated. It’s still under way and expected to be finished by the end of this year.

The Government has paid a loan installment to the Chinese Exim Bank for purchasing two ships. The installment amounted $2,9 million.

The agreement on the purchase of ships (worth $47,4 million)  was reached in the beginning of 2010. The contract price of both ships is 55,7 million, fixed interest – 3% and repayment period – 15 years.

Ships “Kotor” and “21st May” were built in China. They have contributed to the increase in the ship tonnage (almost 45.000 gross tons). As a result, national fleet has considerably increased.

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