Montenegrin party is totally inconsistent in its views

Žarko Radulović

Member of the Social Democrats’ (SD) Budva municipal committee and co-owner of Splendid Hotel, Žarko Radulović, says that support the Montenegrin party (Montenegrin: ‘Crnogorska’) gives to the ruling coalition in Budva is going to have long-term consequences, which will cost this party a lot.

In an interview for the weekend edition of Dnevne Novine daily, Radulović tells not much is going to change in terms of internal policy. “Montenegro is a small country and we know each other here. So far, the Montenegrin party has been acting in so many different ways and once again they’ve demonstrated they don’t deserve anything,” told Radulović.

In his opinion, some parties, such as the Democrats, will use this to establish the international contacts: “Aleksa Bečić will boast about being capable of uniting the civic parties and civic parties, led by a member of the national minorities, will brag about gathering Serbian&Montenegrin national parties. Just imagine that! But, we all know it doesn’t reflect real state of play in Montenegro. This is a good story for the international community thanks to the Montenegrin party,” says Radulović.

“I think most of them are not aware of what they’ve done, but I’m sure their leader certainly was well aware. And he wasn’t even a Montenegrin citizen until recently. Their decision won’t save just the ruling coalition in Budva, but the one in Kotor and Herceg Novi as well,” noted Radulović.






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