Montenegro Airlines mustn’t go bankrupt

Nikola Vukićević

Montenegro Airlines (MA) is not able to pay off the arrears from the current business and we have clearly explained this to the competent authorities. Therefore, one of the key steps we’re going to make in order to save the company is that we’ll define the Decision on the settlement of debts, said the President of the Board of Directors of MA, Nikola Vukićević.

According to him, the executive management prepared the new working schedule and financial plan as soon as it got on duty in February of 2017. It made projections  of financial operations for the next 20 years which served as a good guideline for the  design of the financial plan for this year“, said Vukićević.

“These documents served Deloitte, the renowned consulting company, to carry out a study which was supposed to show the advantages and disadvantages, that is, benefits and losses in case MA keeps functioning. Shortly, all the key arguments are for the continuation of business. A year ago we were all in a dilemma. We weren’t sure to what extent we should try to save MA”, said Vukićević.

As far as future is concerned, Vukićević adds that MA has three crucial commercial objectives and they are: satisfy the tourism economy in Montenegro through regular charter and code share flights, provide connections with the main European cities throughout the whole year and use the niche markets in Montenegro.

“The key steps are defining the Decision on the settlement of debts and defining the optimum Decision on doing the business according to the winter schedules, in the situation when there are losses in business. Implementation of these two decisions will prevent accumulation of debts”, says Vukićević.

In case the national airline company goes bankrupt, Vukićevič says that all the positive effects the company has in the country would be eliminated.

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