Montenegro has to get a film studio

Ilustracija Foto: SFA

The intellectual property organisation of domestic and foreign audio-visual authors A Prava Montenegro has established a fund for building a film studio in Montenegro. Negotiations with representatives of local self-governments are under way. The local authorities should provide a location. Government, the Film Centre and other related institutions and partners are expected to participate in the project.

The A Prava steering committee chairman Branko Baletic and it member Zeljko Sosic confirmed this to Pobjeda. The two directors said that the studio would be available for producers working in Montenegro. According to them, it will be valorised through the renting and provision of services to foreign authors.

The project was presented yesterday during a one-day seminar entitled “Collective management in copyright and related rights, the current situation and challenges; establishing a private copying system”, which was held at the Hilton Hotel in Podgorica.

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