Montenegro reacquired active status in OGP

Montenegro reacquired the active status in the initiative of the Open Government Partnership, reported the Ministry of Public Administration.

Minister of Public Administration, Suzana Pribilović received the letter form Sanja Pradhana, CEO of the directorate of the OGP.

Status in the OGP came into force on 20 November.

“We’ve received the news that the Government of Montenegro adopted the new National action plan for the implementation of the initiative of the OGP and we are delighted”, reads the letter.

Operation and leading role in the preparation of the Action plan belongs to the new Operation team composed of the representatives of the Government at the level of a highly-qualified staff and councilors and of the president of the Government and Deputy President of the Government, as well as of the representatives of the NGO sector.

By participating in the OGP initiative, Montenegro has five key tasks: improvement of public services, participation of citizens, access to information- openness of the public administration authorities, more efficient public resources management and increase of public integrity. This initiative promotes multilateral cooperation, enhances and supports development of openness, transparency and responsibility of the administration , through open cooperation of public administration representatives.


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