Montenegro tourism at record high amid bad weather


Montenegro has been the fastest growing tourism destination and tourists are interested to visit it more than ever, claimed the interlocutors of CdM. All the indicators suggested that the visitor numbers would hit record levels.

On this topic, co-owner of the Montenegro Stars Hotel Group and president of the Montenegro Tourism Association, CTU, Žarko Radulović, told CdM that “May goes well and everything will be fine until November.” However, he warned of possible unexpected problems due to bad weather.

Žarko Radulović

He said: “It seems that there won’t be spring in Montenegro this year, and I’m afraid we can expect good weather in Sept-Oct. Another problem is that we lack workforce, while tourists have been interested in Montenegro more than ever!”

President of the Chamber of Commerce’s Tourism Committee, Dragan Ivančević, on the other hand, mentioned some other problems that Montenegro has been dealing with and parties responsible for them. He said the decisions on removing temporary facilities were made too late, especially those that were supposed to be made by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, MORiT, and Public Enterprise for Coastal Zone Management.


And like that wasn’t bad enough, he added, we’ve had the wettest spring ever!

Mr Ivančević continued: “We hope to have a good summer season and thus have a chance to continue with the present growing trend and remain one of the fastest growing tourism destinations.”

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