Montenegro’s e-Health platform among top eight in Europe

Sead Čirgić

Solutions proposed by the Health Insurance Fund and importance of e-Health portal and other electronic services has been recognized not only in the region but in the EU too. This platform has been ranked among top eight in Europe, according to the Directorate for Informatics of the EC for 2019, said director of the Fund, Mr Sead Čirgić.

“What’s even more important is that this platform has been recognized by insured people and thanks to this platform , over 500.000 direct contacts between patients and healthcare staff have been avoided, contributing significantly to the prevention of infection. W call on insured people to adhere to health recommendations and use available services whenever possible”, Mr Čirgić said.

COVID-19 electronic service has recorded 5.202 visits so far.

“This service enables citizens to get insight into the results of COVID-19 tests in real time”, Mr Čirgić said.

He adds that use of e-Finding service is on the rise, with 183.223 visits so far.

“Generally speaking, all eight services record constant rise”, Mr Čirgić says.

He says that Health Insurance Fund has continuous impact on healthcare system and proposes solutions with the aim of satisfying health protection needs and exercising health insurance rights while staying in tune with the achievements of the most developed European countries.

“Thanks to the activities of the Fund related to digitization of healthcare system and development of platform e-Health, we were prepared for COVID-19 infection and we provided insured people with services at home”, Mr Čirgić adds.


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