NATO will not test Montenegrin armed forces this year

NATO will not be testing Montenegrin armed forces’ capabilities this year. This is due to Montenegrin armed forces have no plans for this year to assign its members to NATO Response Force (NRF), NATO responded to Pobjeda’s question.

Slovenian forces didn’t pass muster this year, which is why the Slovenian chief of joint staff resigned.

NATO said it was allied countries’ own responsibility to keep their forces up to the allied commands’ standards (ACO/SHAPE).

“The only case when a member state’s troops are subjected to NATO’s assessment is when they are assigned to the NATO security forces, such as, for example, the NATO response and leadership force, called the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF). Therefore, the Slovenian forces were tested by NATO evaluators. The same principle applies to the Montenegrin armed forces. This year, they have not been assigned to any of the forces of high NATO combat readiness,” NATO said.

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