New books still in preparation


New educational plan for elementary schools has been in implementation since the beginning of this school year. New programs for classes were adopted in July, but new books have not been made yet. The students are using old books which are still relevant for the purposes of classes, said director of Department for research and development of education system in the Bureau for Education Radoje Novovic speaking to Pobjeda daily.

Certain parents voiced their complaints to Pobjeda daily, stating that it was not clear why to students of 7th grade must learn chemistry from a book for 8th grade. They also wondered which book do students of 8th use.

“It’s the same content. For the next school year, new books will be made by the Bureau”, he said.

The reforms seem to cause confusion in implementation and the teachers are not prepared. The Bureau said that was completely normal and expected, but such misunderstandings are “individual, not a problem of the majority of education workers”.

The Bureau experts are visiting schools in order to gather field information on implementation of new solutions.

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