New electricity prices to be announced in Dec.

Montenegro’s new tariff for electricity prices are set to begin on 1 January 2020 and will be known to the public until 15 December at the latest, the Energy Regulatory Agency (RAE) told Dan daily. They also said the Agency has been working on the analysis of requests by the energy entities that should be completed by early November.

“On September 2nd, The Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System, CGES, the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System, CEDIS, and Montenegro’s Electricity Market Operator, COTEE, submitted requests for setting the regulatory allowed revenue, prices and charges for 2020, 2021 and 2022,“ the RAE announced.

The Agency is currently analyzing requests of the energy entities and the plan is to finish the job by early November, when the reports on conducted analyses would be published on the Agency’s website. In this way, all the interested entities would be able to appeal or provide suggestion within 8 days from the day of publishing the requests.

On possible greater changes in electricity prices during 2020, the RAE said the whole process in its initial phase. “Currently, we are not able to provide precise information on significant changes in the electricity prices over 2020.“




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