New Labor Law will improve position of employees

Kemal Purišić

In cooperation with Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, the Government is creating favorable working environment, stimulating development of entrepreneurship and is committed to job creation, said Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Mr Kemal Purišić. He points out that they will endorse the new law on labor which is to enter into force soon. The new law will significantly improve position of employees. Minister says that minimum wage might increase at the end of this year.

Decision on minimum wage in the amount of €222 will have positive impact on social standard of the employees whose wage is minimal.

“According to the estimates, around 12.000 of employees used to earn minimum wages, whereas 57.000 earned up to €222”, said Mr Purišić.

Outflow of workforce is evident, pointed out employers. Mr Purišić emphasizes that the Government is creating favorable working environment together with competent institutions.

New Labor law is soon to be adopted.

“New law brings some high-quality solutions. It’s aimed at suppressing black market labor”, says Mr Purišić.

Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare is undertaking activities to improve position of those who need social care.

“Country commits 2% of GDP for social benefits”, says Mr Purišić.

Four living rooms for elderly people gave been planned and the greatest project – Care home for elderly persons in Podgorica – is being carried out.

“The facility will be able to receive 270 persons. Also, first phase of the home for the elderly in Nikšić is underway. It’s an investment worth more than €5,4 million. Construction of home for the elderly in Plav and Rožaje has started”, said Minister Purišić.

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