New taxi price scheme will be introduced next year

Lazarela Kalezić, foto: Dan

New prices of taxi services will start to apply next year. Taxi drivers are expected to submit price list for a validation on 27 December. Price lists are submitted to the Ministry of Transport. So far, no legal entity or entrepreneur has done it, said Ms Lazarela Kalezić, Secretary for Transport.

New decision on taxi services stipulates introduction start ride price ranging from €0.50 to €1.

“Decision on taxi services stipulates that entrepreneurs and legal entities should deliver new price list to the Ministry of Transport within 6 months. Nobody has done it yet, we’ll introduce new prices next year”, said Ms Kalezić.

Ms Kalezić says they have prepared the program for the organization of taxi ride in the territory of Podgorica. Mayor, Mr Ivan Vuković, should sign the program in the forthcoming days.

“We expect this program to be verified by Mayor. We are considering if this program can be adopted for a two-year period”, said Ms Kalezić.

She adds that there are 966 taxi vehicles in Podgorica.

“For Podgorica, that’s a lot. The Capital must find model to reduce the number of vehicles. Taxi drivers who decide to quit or those who retire should not be able to concede their licenses to someone else. It’s difficult to tell what the optimal number of taxi vehicles would be. Anyway, they should be an alternative to public transport”, says Ms Kalezić.

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