NOVA will run in Tivat local elections

NOVA will run in Tivat local elections

The New Serbian Democracy [Nova srpska demokratija – NOVA] announced that it will participate in the Tivat local elections on 5 April and called on the opposition political parties to negotiate on a broader coalition. This actually means that all those stories about boycotting the elections meant nothing, as some other parties also announced they are going to participate in the elections, writes Dan, a daily.

“In a full democratic capacity, we are ready for cooperation and setting up a coalition with other opposition parties in our municipality in order to show the desire and willingness to overthrow this denationalized regime,” said the President of the NOVA Municipal Committee, Mr Savo Klakor.

The Democratic Front, DF, a coalition including NOVA as well, stated they talked with all the potential partners aspiring to the same goal.

“We will most likely have a joint election list in Tivat and the DF is strongly advocating for it,” it was said in a statement.







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