One agreement, five columns and around ten leaders

Sa jednog od sastanaka opozicije

That’s how it goes – the chain is as strong as its weakest link: fall of local government in Kotor last week has put an end to the story of unique opposition action and the opposition alliance made official in the “Agreement on Future” was practically annulled.

Thirty nine opposition MPs and six members of the organization board of “Odupri se” movement signed ceremonially Agreement on Future in front of the gathered mass on 30 March, at the Independence Square and thus announced the fight against the existing government.

Only thirty days later, even the greatest fans of the opposition and critics of the government have figured out: the opposition is breaking, protests have watered down, and requests of the organizers seem like a list of unrealistic desires.

How did the idea of united opposition come to nothing and why?

The question is when the next meeting of the opposition will take place. Democrats have blackmailed all other opposition parties by telling that they wouldn’t be taking part in the next meeting if representatives of Socialist Democratic Party were invited.

Circular letter of Democrats, written after the breakdown in Kotor, reflected the new reality: instead of a unified action, we have five separate columns.

And ten leaders with covered ambitions of being heads of the entire opposition?!

Aleksa Bečić, leader of Democrats, has made the first concrete move. During the meeting with Christian Schmidt, German MP, he presented new alliance with Demos and Montenegrin party. Bečić didn’t mention Agreement on Future, not even once during the meeting.

Democratic Front, the most powerful opposition parliamentary group, has produced reaction as well. First, they have given up on the joint protest scheduled for 9 May, and then they have announced the possibility of more radical rallies.

Such aggressive announcements were fueled by Andrija Mandić’s statements made during the Prime Minister’s Hour who said that, in case of a conviction, there will be troubles. That’s how Front made their own radical column. Socialist Democratic Party has led itself to some kind of political isolation. They’ve become lonely column. Ranko Krivokapić’s ambition to come to throne of the entire opposition while at the same time protecting his interests in Kotor, was costly. It made SDP a complete looser, without any ally and coalition capacity.

Facebook battles

To make things more interesting, another opposition column is about to be formed. Dissatisfied with the actions of the opposition and the effects of the protest, the escaped businessman, Duško Knežević, has announced the formation of his own party. Sounds interesting, but it’s also another political farce. Who will support the Interpol Red Notice person?

However, Knežević’s statement stirred up the organization board of “Odupri se” movement and started little “facebook battle”.


Fragmentation of the opposition, arguments among opposition parties and creation of several columns have considerably reduced the political strength of “Odupri se” movement.

Civil Movement URA is its only support right now. With only one member in the parliament and without its own club, URA has no power to determine any political process.

It’s very early to predict what will be the effect of the new opposition column made up of Socialist People’s Party, United Montenegro and Workers’ Party but with the support from Serbian President, it will try to attack the electorate of DF.

And now the essential reason for the breakdown of opposition unity has come to light. Instead of political war against the government, we are witnessing general war within the opposition. If this is a strategy to win, looks very strange.

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