Pažin: Our citizens aren’t Spartans of anybody’s ideology

Zoran Pažin

Times when advocates of such ideologies were rulers of the region are past and the sooner Patriarch Irinej realizes that the sooner he will become an honored guest in Montenegro, said yesterday Zoran Pažin, Vice-President of the Government and Minister of Justice, commenting on the statement of Irinej that “Montenegro is Serbian Sparta”.

“This alleged commendation hides unacceptable ideology that there’s only one ethnic and religious community in  Montenegro, older and more important than others”, said Pažin.

He pointed out that Montenegro was created by “its differences, and, despite ruinous  ideologies, it managed to preserve peace and stability  and forge its European path in the toughest of times”.

“That’s why our citizens cannot identify with Spartans, and cannot accept the construction of only one superior ethnic and religious group that created all others”, said Pažin.

Vice-President of the Council of Metropolitanate of Montenegrin Orthodox Church, Stevo Vučinić, said that Irinej’s visit to Montenegro was a brutal provocation organized by powerful centers from Belgrade. He added that they “lied that the Patriarch would apologize for offending the country and the nation, by comparing Montenegrin government with the Ustaše regime from World War II”.

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