Pejaković: Paying fees for loan processing is a standard

Bratislav Pejaković (Foto: Portal analitika)

Collection of loan processing fees is a standard of banking business. The international standard imposes that, apart from the interest, fees for the organization, realization, monitoring and collection of the loan in question must be collected too. Every client is familiar with the responsibilities and expenses, said the Secretary General of the Association of Banks of Montenegro, Bratislav Pejaković.

He pointed out that all banks are working according to the positive laws of the country of Montenegro and international standards. He denied the claim that banks collect the loan processing twice.

“All the laws which regulate the operation of banks in Montenegro are being respected whereas the practice of international standards is controlled by the international Audit Agencies, internal audit as well as the Central Bank of  Montenegro and the collection of loan processing has never been called into question”, says Pejaković.

It is usual that all banks in Montenegro charge the loan processing. As Pejaković says, the problem with some judgments, where it was judged against the banks, is the inappropriate interpretation of people who are not well into the operation of banks.

“Complaints are always to be expected but I hope the outcome will be in the favor of banks. Do we have any examples from the past of how these populist attempts affected the plaintiffs? Responsibilities and obligations of the clients are direct and unconditional, lawful and binding for both signatories of the contract”, says Pejaković.

Pejaković points out that the Association doesn’t have insight into the income they generated on the basis of the collection of loan processing fees, stating that they don’t focus on any activities of commercial type.

Collection of loan processing is, as Pejaković states, a standard of banking system and not the original feature of banks in Montenegro.


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