PM Marković: Time of dialogue is coming

Montenegro’s Prime Minister, Duško Marković, assesses that the Law on Freedom of Religion, once adopted by the Parliament of Montenegro, is going to be a major step forward for democracy and fundamental human rights. He also stresses that the state will have courage and strength to implement this Law regardless of resistance from various sides.

“The draft law was prepared after extensive and wide-ranging consultations with all stakeholders. With regard to its application, the State will have the strength and determination to implement it,” the Prime Minister stressed.

Today’s Montenegro and Montenegro before the independence referendum are nothing alike, according to him. “We pledged that we were going to have state and we managed to renew independence. We have determined our main goals of state policy – the Declaration of Independence, NATO membership and EU integration. We have been a full NATO member state for two years already and are leaders in the EU accession process. Therefore, we have already delivered on these promises.”

In addition, the Prime Minister says that certainly there are reasons for complaints, especially when it comes to the standard of living of the citizens and their need to live better.

He continued: “But one cannot deny our commitment to the state, its sovereignty and independence, to be on its own and able to make its own decisions on future! Smear campaigns and slandering the own state whenever possible actually represent a political effort with an aim of erasing Montenegro.”

According to him, the investment momentum in the north over the past two years is the Government’s biggest success, while the opposition’s unwillingness to contribute to political, social and development cohesion has imposed the greatest problems for his Cabinet.




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