Pusić: Problems should be regarded as challenges

Zoran Pusić

The European Union, EU, has its own problems but the future member states should see perceive them as challenges. It should never be forgotten that the EU’s core values are peace, no war on this territory, respect of human rights and high ethical principles, says co-president of the Igman Initiative in Croatia and a professor at the University of Zagreb, Mr Zoran Pusić.

These days we are witnesses of various media outlets on the EU enlargement, and Mr Pusić in his interview with Dnevne Novine daily, notes we often have high expectations.

He stresses that the enlargement process is in line with the ideas promoted when the EU itself was established, i.e. that all countries should become the EU member states and accept its standards.

“There will be certain problems – alignments in terms of economy. But, if you are afraid of them, you shouldn’t have gone into this whole process. Problems should be perceived as challenges, not as reasons for giving up. I strongly advocate for the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans,” emphasizes Mr Pusić.

Massive changes play a huge role

Although 2025 was often mentioned as the deadline for Montenegro’s EU membership, Mr Pusić believes it’s a long period of time, as, according to him, massive changes play a crucial role.


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