Radunović: Government made wrong estimates regarding excise on cigarettes

When it comes to the excise on cigarettes, the Government chose wrong fiscal strategy. However, rebalancing shouldn’t be considered as weakness, but rather as the solution and adaptation to real circumstances, said the Minister of Finances, Darko Radunović, in the Parliament yesterday.

He said that the decision on budget rebalancing should be supported by the entire public in order to correct the wrong estimates made earlier.

MP of Democratic Front, Milutin Đukanović, asked the Minister to explain why the public debt has been going up in the last ten years – twice as faster than the GDP.

Radunović thinks that claims of the opposition that Montenegro is facing bankruptcy are exaggerated.

“We’ve maintained the balance and the sustainability of budget, and the basic categories – deficit and public debt are following the same positive trend. If there were any risks of bankruptcy, we wouldn’t have successfully carried out the Eurobond issue, don’t you think so?”, said Radunović.

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