Radunovic, Knezevic and Radulovic DF’s candidates for Podgorica mayor

DF started the preparations for local elections in Podgorica. New Serbian Democracy’s (NOVA) deputy leader Slaven Radunovic and Democratic People’s Party’s (DNP) leader Milan Knezevic are Democratic Front’s (DF) most serious contenders for the office of Podgorica mayor.

Several sources from DF said that professor Branko Radulovic (Movement for Changes – PzP) was also a strong contender. However, it remains to be seen if he would accept the nomination.

Pobjeda’s sources said that it was not known who of the potential candidates would be selected as DF list leader for Podgorica elections.

Slaven Radunovic, an official of DF’s strongest party NOVA, has the greatest chance to be the mayor candidate.

“Radunovic is a member of the strongest party and it is logic that he is likely to be the first option. He knows the situation in the Podgorica City, its needs and development plans very well,” Pobjeda’s source said.

He has already begun election campaign on social media by posting remarkable photos of Podgorica with captions that “it is his city”.

“If NOVA and its leader Andrija Mandic back Radunovic, than he would be the most probable candidate. However, we should wait and see other DF constituents’ attitude towards the idea,” the source said.

Another serious candidate is one of DF leaders Milan Knezevic. As a long-time councillor he gained insight into all events in the City of Podgorica and knows functioning of all city services very well.

“Knezevic’s advantage is excellent relations with NOVA leader Andrija Mandic, as well as excellent relations with all the presidents of the local DF committees in Podgorica, which is not negligible,” the Pobjeda’s source said.

If PzP deputy leader Branko Radulovic decides to enter the race for the DF nomination, he will be a very serious candidate.

Radulovic is a strong favourite of the Podgorica PzP Committee. At the last session, it firmly expressed view that the party should have its candidate for the mayor.

“Branko Radulovic is therefore a very logical solution,” the source said.

The decision on DF’s candidate for the mayor is expected to be made in early November.

According to unofficial information from Pobjeda, there is a great possibility that Israeli marketing expert Aron Shaviv will run Milan Knezevic’s campaign if he is a candidate for the mayor of Podgorica. Shaviv is expected to run DF’s presidential candidate’s campaign as well.

“This possibility was hinted by Knezevic during his defence presentation in the coup case,” the source said. Knezevic is credited with the biggest merit for engaging Shaviv. According to general estimates, he did an extremely good and extremely expensive campaign for general elections.

If Shaviv decides to do Knezevic’s campaign it will increase his chance to win, Pobjeda’s source said.

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