Reinke: I will ensure Montenegro that the USA are committed to collective defense

Candidate for the new American ambassador to Montenegro, Judy Rising Reinke, said in the Senate that, in case her nomination is confirmed, she would ensure “Montenegrin partners” that the USA are deeply committed to Article 5 of the UN Charter referring to collective defense.

Reinke confirmed that the commitment of Montenegro to freedom and democracy was further strengthened by its NATO membership and that its contribution to collective defense was visible even before it joined the Alliance.

She also announced that she would keep on helping Montenegro in the EU accession process pointing out that it is one of the priorities of the American government and it will be her personal priority in the role of ambassador.

Another priority, as she said, will be strengthening Montenegrin economy, including rooting out corruption and reduction of bureaucracy.

“American companies want partnership with Montenegro and they will look for its dedication to stability, rule of law and growth as well as transparency in the business practice”, said Reinke.

Montenegro serves as a good example in the region of Western Balkans where it has constructive and stabilizing role.

Judy Rising Reinke is a career officer of the Secretariat for Economy, and she has also been serving as a strategist and promoter of american economic interests around the world for more than 30 years.

Republican Senator, Ron Johnson asked Reinke about the economic situation in Montenegro where, as he said, 50 % of young people would like to work in the Government. She said that entrepreneurship still isn’t very popular among the youth but she expressed her will to work on creating conditions for the development of business. She also wants to create conditions for the partnership of American companies with Montenegro.

“Hopefully, I will be able to cooperate with the Government in finding ways to promote beauties of Montenegro, and its unique products such as “pršuta” and cheese. And, You, Mr.Senator, know a lot about cheese”, said Reinke.

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