Sea Dance to be held in Buljarica

The fifth edition of the Sea Dance Festival will be held in Buljarica, Pobjeda unofficially learns.

This site was chosen as the best replacement for the Jaz beach, after months of consultations between Budva local government and the Exit Festival organiser.

Budva mayor Dragan Krapovic did not want to confirm or deny this information.

According to him, the local government will soon inform the public about all details related to this music event.

“I cannot say anything about this issue. At a press conference that is to be held in the next few days, we will announce details on where Sea Dance will be held,” Krapovic said, adding that the date of the festival will be specified then.

The mayor earlier stated that instead of the middle of July, the Sea Dance Festival will be held in late August or early September.

The Sea Dance Festival has been held at the Jaz beach so far. However, due to property issues with landowners, organizers and local authorities have decided to change the location.

In December 2015, the then Budva mayor Srdja Popovic and the director of the Exit Festival Dusan Kovacevic signed a long-term cooperation agreement on organising Sea Dance until 2026.

The contract stipulates that there will be at least €10m invested in the festival in the next ten years, in terms of programme and production.

According to this document, the Municipality of Budva shall invest €300,000 annually in the development of the festival, and the Tourism Organization of Budva and the National Tourism Organisation will annually contribute with €100,000 each.

However, last year, the government supported this music event with €200,000, because the local government paid significantly less money than it was planned due to the difficult economic situation.

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