Senators want to prohibit Trump from leaving NATO

US Senate

A group of American senators introduced a bill Thursday that would explicitly prohibit Trump from quitting NATO Alliance without Senate’s approval. According to US media, the reason for such a decision lies in the fact many suspect his support to the Alliance is at best skin-deep.

“Regrettably, President Trump’s mistreatment of our closest allies has raised doubts about America’s commitment to the trans-Atlantic alliance and the values of defense,” Sen. John McCain said in a statement.

“If the President attempts to exit NATO without Senate’s consent, this bill also authorizes the Senate Legal Counsel to challenge the Administration in court,” the senators said in a joint statement.

The bill comes two weeks after Trump’s statement during at the NATO summit in Brussels, when he said he believed he had the authority as president to quit the alliance but did not intend to do so.

During his presidency, Trump has repeatedly humiliated allies who he says don’t invest sufficiently in their own armies and fall short of a NATO benchmark that calls for spending 2% of their respective GDP on the military.



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