September 1 to be Tuzi’s Municipality Day


Municipality Day of Tuzi is now set for 1 September instead of 15 December and the date change came in after the adoption of the charter of the Municipality of Tuzi in the municipal assembly. The assembly named September 1 as the day of remembrance of the proclamation of independence of Tuzi, after the decision of the Parliament of Montenegro was adopted, while December 15 is the day when Tuzi was liberated in the World War II.

The Social Democrats, SD, was against this decision, the Democratic Party of Socialists, DPS, was abstained, while the Albanian Forum, the Democrats and the Bosniak Party voted in favor of this proposal, writes Dan daily.

In addition, during the public hearing there was a proposal in the charter to name April 6 as the Municipality Day of Tuzi, as it was the day when the Albanians revolted against Ottoman rule, but the commission responsible for drafting the document instead chose September 1.

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