Serwer: Trump has already undermined NATO and collective security

Danijel Server

American president, Donald Trump is making big problems to the Alliance, although he won’t exclude USA from the NATO.

“If he keeps making statements which are an implication that he is  going to breach article 5, which is the foundation of the collective security and which stipulates that attack on one member is also an attack on all members, the damage has already been done”, says american analyst Daniel Serwer.

He pointed out that the Alliance won’t recover from Trump’s way of acting as long as somebody else, who is truly dedicated to collective security, takes his place. The Senior United States Senator, encouraged by the Trump’s statement he made about Montenegro recently, decided to adopt the law which would forbid American president to withdraw from NATO Alliance.

“Unfortunately, Trump’s “abuse” of our closest cooperates, raised serious doubts as to America’s commitment to Transatlantic alliance and values of defense”, said the Senior United States Senator, John McCain.

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