Six ambassadors won’t go to consultations tomorrow?

Six Montenegrin ambassadors won’t be having consultations at the premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs tomorrow. They are: Mr Nebojša Kaluđerović (USA), Mr Darko Pajović (China), Ms Vera Kuliš (Germany), Mr Ivan Ivanišević (France), Ms Sanja Vlahović (Italy) and Mr Miodrag Vlahović (Holy See).

The reasons for their non-attendance are, according to Antena M, various – some are affected by health issues, some of them have problems to come to Montenegro due to much tighter coronavirus restrictions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Prime Minister Krivokapić shocked the Montenegrin public after assessing that some ambassadors were working at the expense of the national interests, ordering all of them to buy one-way tickets and come to a meeting on 18 January in the capital, Podgorica.




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