Strong resistance to e-fiscalization likely to happen


According to the impact assessment on the forthcoming electronic fiscalization, up to €1.500 will be needed for purchasing a modern cash register. The public debate over the Draft Law on fiscalization in the turnover of products and service started on 3 September, and it envisages contemporary types of fiscalization. The debate is to last for a month.

The impact assessment suggests, among other things, that there are many fiscal cash registers not supporting the new system. It says some of them might be upgraded at a price of EUR 130-150 . Taxpayers not possessing such cash registers will have to buy the new ones, and that is why it’d be good to consider technical options for upgrading of their cash registers.

The assessment, however, shows costs of a small taxpayer, with only one fiscal cash register which cannot be aligned with the new system, that is, it will need upgrading of the hardware. There are also costs of the internet (EUR 5) and ADSL (EUR 15). For getting a certificate they will have to pay EUR 10 a month, but there’s a possibility of getting it without paying it or paying a modest compensation.

Aligning of the software costs up to EUR 1,000 but in case a taxpayer has a contract on maintaining it, the process itself can be done within that contract.

“For big taxpayers who have a large number of cash registers, such as Voli, Idea and Aroma, costs of introducing this modern system are in fact practically negligible“, the impact assessment suggests.

This study also says we will probably face strong resistance to electronic fiscalization in general.



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