Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office wants to strip Medojević of his immunity

Nebojša Medojević

Assembly Administrative Committee accepted request to strip Mr Nebojša Medojević , member of DF and president of the Movement for Changes of his immunity due to the possible money laundering affair, a request submitted by the Supreme State Prosecutor, it was said unofficially.

Allegedly, Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office submitted the request after Mr Medojević’s name was found written down in a notebook found in the safe of Atlas group owner, Duško Knežević. Businessman Duško knežević, who is on the run, denied any claims that there was a notebook. He also claims that he has never given money to Mr Medojević but to DPS officials.

Action against Mr Medojević was brought over the alleged money laundering activities. Mr Momir Nikolić a businessman from Bosnia and another 10 persons have been accused of creating criminal organization aimed at money laundering.

No official statement from the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office and Special State Prosecutor’s Office has been made. Mr Medojević also declined to comment.


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