Taxi fares in Montenegro likely to increase


The base fare for a taxi in Montenegro is likely to be introduced again after it was abolished several years ago. Taxi drivers will determine the base fare themselves but it must not be less than 40 cent or more than 1 euro either. The introduction of the base fare for a taxi has been defined by the Decision on taxi services.

At the yesterday’s main discussion on this matter, the representatives of business organizations and taxi companies said the base fare should be increased as 40 cent is a way too small amount of money.

In addition, Lazarela Kalezić, Secretary of the Traffic Secretariat, noted that the Decision does not envisage the minimum taxi fare per trip that existed so far, amounting to 1 euro.

“A citizen will now pay the base fare and the one shown on the taximeter,” Ms Kalezić added.

On the other hand, head of the Montenegrin Tax Administration, Mr Miomir M. Mugoša, said the problem concerning taxi drivers has been lasting for 18 years and both parties should find ways in order to properly solve this problem.



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