Ten to Eight – Agreement with Porfirije

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By Ljubomir Filipović, CdM observer

The Deputy Prime Minister, coordinator of all security services, Mr Dritan Abazović, looks more and more like that all-encompassing cheated spouse, who is the last to find out about the cheating of his spouse (or pretends to know nothing), but understands and forgives everything, because he knows who he married and why. This is also the case with the Fundamental Agreement with the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), which, as we are told from Belgrade, will be signed with Patriarch Porfirije, when he visits Montenegro after the Easter holidays, as he himself announced. PM Zdravko Krivokapić still hasn’t published the text of the agreement, and DPS MP Miloš Nikolić invites him to publish it and thus prove that he at least has a “zero of integrity”. SDP MP Ivan Vujović recalls that signing the agreement with Belgrade is contrary to the explicit will of the late Metropolitan Amfilohije.

Condemning insults of Draginja Vuksanović

After CdM wrote about the disgusting text written on the portal founded by the chancellor of the Montenegrin University Vladimir Božović, a wave of reactions and condemnation of insults against SDP MP Draginja Vuksanović Stanković followed. Minister Tamara Srzentić also reacted, as did Vuksanović Stanković’s colleagues from the Women’s Club of the Parliament of Montenegro. Mr Emil Labudović‘s misogyny was condemned by the European Movement, and MP Vuksanović Stanković herself reacted in a statement for our portal.

Financial populism

The Fidelity Consulting bookkeeping agency, which spends its free time on social media, which became famous as a critic of the former government forced on the pro-government media, has become a promoter and bot of the current Government. This agency’s “analysis”, which was shared by Minister Milojko Spajić on Twitter, became the subject of ridicule by the users of this social network. Fidelity claimed that by borrowing on time, Mr Spajić saved the state €100m, because the interest rate has now risen. This was such a funny story that DPS MP Petar Ivanović pointed out that the former government, which these new ones accused of “destroyed country”, left a lower interest rate, which this new one doubled in just a few months of work. The interest rate is also rising due to other factors, but it is mostly due to the growing distrust of lenders towards borrowers, in this case the Government whose finances are led by Mr Spajić.

Carević on tour

Mr Marko Bato Carević is touring “Serbian lands”. He was in Novi Sad to learn from the SNS how to nominate Budva for the European Capital of Culture, after which he visited the place of suffering in Jasenovac in the former sister city of Pakrac in Croatia, but also met with Bishop Jovan, known for his very sharp intellect, but also passions for military uniforms. He ended the tour by seeing the young hope of the Serbian world – the burgermaster of Banja Luka, Mr Draško Stanivuković.

Criticizing PACE report

Yesterday, in my opinion, we briefly referred to the scandalous and biased report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. Professor Gordana Đurović, the president of the Pan-European Union for Montenegro, has a similar opinion, and believes that when one is appointed as the protector of the Serbian Orthodox Church, to which it has no right, the PACE interferes in the country’s national sovereignty.

Discrimination against Bosniaks

Ms Kenana Strujić-Harbić, a member of the Bosniak Party, spoke for the Croatian Večernji List about the political situation in Montenegro, as well as the attacks on Bosniaks in Pljevlja. She said that the relations within the ruling majority are at the lowest level and that only the fear of the return of the DPS keeps them together at the moment.

This is confirmed by the recent chauvinist protests against the appointment of a Bosniak as police chief in Pljevlja. The mayor himself, Mr Haris Đurđević, spoke about everything for the local television in Pljevlja.

Discrimination against Albanians

The National Council of Albanians in Montenegro sent a letter to the PM Zdravko Krivokapić, DPM Dritan Abazović, Parliament Speaker Aleksa Bečić and Minister of the Interior Sergej Sekulović regarding the amendments to the Law on Registers of Residence, in which it has emphasized that deleting diaspora from the register of residence is harmful and unacceptable.


Minister Sergej Sekulović does not want to talk about the incident in Bogetići, because everything is still unclear to him. It was quite clear to him when he took a stand at first and justified running over the people on the barricades.

One good news is that yesterday, on the International Earth Day, the Government made a decision to declare the area of ​​the Platamuni Nature Park the first protected marine area in Montenegro.

Mr Filip Vešović from Podgorica does not cease to delight with his imitations. Proof that one can be funny without insults is the last imitation of Parliament Speaker Aleks Bečić.

That’s it for today and for this week. See you again on Monday, and we wish you a pleasant weekend.

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