Ten to Eight – DF more important than EU

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By Ljubomir Filipović, CdM observer

DF more important than EU

The parliamentary majority decided to amend the Law on State Prosecutor’s Office after simulating the public hearing in two major meetings. They did this without waiting for the opinion of the Venice Commission, without consent of professional associations and despite warnings of the NGO. A phantom working team set up by Mr Dritan Abazović, allegedly made up of head-nodders and flip-floppers, pushed out their proposal. Legal experts that the former government had also relied on, now create policies with that same authority and arrogance. Will such government’s actions affect Montenegro’s EU perspective, it remains to be seen.

Kavač crime gang targets Abazović

During the investigation over the murder in the town of Mojkovac, that authorities connect with the Kavač drug gang, it was discovered that they had planned to kill DPM Dritan Abazović. It’s a serious matter and in order not to play with this information – like Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vučić has been doing occasionally – and in order to preserve the integrity of the Ministry of Interior and police, the public has to know details, and on the basis of which information the police issued a press release on such an important matter.

Major “arrest”

Upon the order of prosecutor Lidija Vukčević, former high-ranking officials, starting from Minister Branko Vujović to Refik Bojadžić and the SDP high-ranking official, Damir Rašketić, were apprehended yesterday. The reason behind it – guarantees to KAP. Mr Rašketić’s lawyer immediately stated that he [Rašketić] had denied the allegations, and we afterwards found out they were all freed.

Connection between police officials and crime?

During yesterday’s control hearing of Minister Sergej Sekulović, the SDP MP Raško Konjević asked a question related to the newly-appointed head of the local police in the town of Bar, Veselin Tabaš, and his alleged friendship with Naser Keljmendi, posting a photo of the two. The National Police reacted promptly, explaining that a photo was taken in the Ulcinj police station during Mr Keljmendi’s apprehension and that it was an attempt to discredit their official, after which Mr Konjević noted that the photo wouldn’t suggest so.

A deliberate destruction of airports

Ever since Minister Mladen Bojanić took over his department, he started dealing with air travel eagerly and is doing everything to paralyze infrastructure with an unusual energy. After he shut down Montenegro Airlines, it’s clear that he’s now doing the same with the airports. It has also become evident to the newly-appointed acting director of the Airports of Montenegro, Ana Lončarević, who resigned yesterday after only 20 days from her appointment. Even though the airports are dealing with serious financial issues and despite the fact that the state owes them money, Ms Lončarević’s letter clearly suggests that the ministry and government didn’t mind solving the issue. Or they simply want to destroy infrastructure in order to set up deal for their Serbian partners, who are now their only connection with the world. This may be signaled by yesterday’s cancellation of flight by the Russian Ural airlines flights.

Dr Begić leaves IJZ

Dr Senad Begić is about to leave the Public Health Institute, the CdM portal has learned. Mr Begić will continue his career in UNICEF. The public found out about him following the start of the coronavirus pandemic. He’s known as a doctor whom citizens trusted the most and whose recommendations citizens adhered to, due to his expertise and availability to both citizens and media.

I and my wife contracted the coronavirus in November and when I contacted the institute, Dr Begić personally answered the call, patiently advised me and gave instructions. During his appearances, despite great fear, we trusted the institutions and were willing to cooperate. Dear Doctor Begić, good luck in your future work.

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