Ten to Eight – Ethical, not Ethnical Community

You are reading a daily contextual review of the news that marked the previous weekend.

By Ljubomir Filipovic, CdM observer

“Justice and truth do not live in an ethnic community, but in an ethical one. The politics of blood and soil here was defeated in 1945. Montenegrin anti-fascists then drew a path from which we have no turn. It’s not about brotherhood and unity in origin and blood, but brotherhood and unity in commitment to the values ​​we share”- in my humble opinion, the most beautiful part of Andrej Nikolaidis’ speech yesterday in Cetinje. The whole speech is fantastic, but this part is the essence of what we are fighting for, or at least we need to fight for.

The protest in Cetinje yesterday is an example of what a protest should look like – peaceful, dignified, with great speakers. The moderator was the young Boban Batricevic, and the first emotional speech of Andje Kapicic brought tears to the eyes of many. The speech of Snezana Lakic, who was hit four times with rubber bullets in front of the castle, encouraged many. The poet Balsa Vulevic was also excellent, as was Mehmed Zenka, who said “Don’t think that Albanians are not with you”. The gathered walked to Belveder, where Svetlana Pajovic Music read the Belvedere Proclamation. When the line is drawn, a great protest and a great incentive to continue the fight.

My colleague Miras Dusevic was on the spot. Check out his videos and photos at this link.

Attack on PM’s family in Belgrade

The family of PM Zdravko Krivokapic has decided to leave Serbia because of an incident that took place in Belgrade over the weekend. Although the Serbian Ministry of the Interior denied this, according to members of the Prime Minister’s family, Serbian police officers, rehearsing the guns, asked the Prime Minister’s son to put his hands on his head and on the roof of the car as he got out of the car, justifying this action by the order they received, without showing any written order.

Is Vucic dealing with the “disobedient” Krivokapic, or is this another play directed by the Serbian Grand Chief, who can tell. Typical of them.

West should wake up

Belgrade deliberately organized such an enthronement in Cetinje to promote Serbia’s regional agenda and to question Montenegrin independence, US diplomat and former ambassador to NATO Kurt Volker said in an interview for Pobjeda. He emphasizes that Washington must change the policy it pursues in Montenegro.

Montenegro has fallen

Historian Ivo Goldstein spoke during the N1 TV’s New Day show about the situation in Montenegro and the Serbian World. Goldstein said that Montenegro had de facto fallen, that Joanikije’s enthronement all but a church ceremony. “Serbia is demographically exhausted today, there are American bases in Kosovo and Serbia will never return Kosovo. If there is more pressure on Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, these are all points where we can start expanding that Serbian World”, Goldstein said, among other things.

Dodik’s landing in Bjelopavlici

An autocrat from the so-called Republic of Srpska, the governor of the western territories of the Serbian World, came to visit the newly conquered territory in Montenegro, that is, Bjelopavlici tribal monastery Zdrebaonik. The Metropolitan of the Church of Serbia in Montenegro, Joanikije II, called him the guarantor of peace and stability in the Balkans. This speaks enough about the distorted mind of the governor of the Church of Serbia in Montenegro.

That’s it for today. See you tomorrow at the same time, in the same place.

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