Ten to Eight – Fighting for Herceg Novi

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By Ljubomir Filipović, CdM observer

It is interesting that there is no pomp in the Serbian and domestic pro-Serbian media, as was the case with Nikšić. Probably because this battle is being fought “within the family” – between the Democrats and the DF. Direct and open “stings” have started before, but now they are already openly and publicly slapping each other. They started doing it in Budva as well, where they were united for a certain time by the front for the church and against the DPS. This is a struggle between 2 concepts and 2 approaches to Serbian politics in Montenegro. One of them is represented by the DF and is in direct contact with the authorities in Belgrade, and personally with Aleksandar Vučić. The SNS also helped with public money the Nikšić DF, and that is nothing new.

The other one is the Democrats, a party that emerged from the SNP, now directly supported by the church (we saw with whom Bishop Joanikije celebrated Easter), Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić and his ministers. This second bloc is presented as autonomous and Montenegrin, but it is unconditionally loyal to the Serbian church. Among other things, some surveys show that even half of the support for the Democrats comes from Montenegrins and fewer numerous people living in Montenegro. Democrats have everything for success in Montenegrin politics, they can be autonomous in decision-making, they have managed to present themselves as a civic movement, they have a dose of trust from outside – the question remains where this political group gets a lot of money from. This issue bothers many people in Montenegro and beyond. Where does the money come from for expensive videos, for expensive offices, for huge campaign expenses?

How is all this affecting Herceg Novi now? Messrs. Mandić and Knežević must not strike directly at the Serb brothers and the church, so they let Mr Nebojša Medojević do it. He is the only politician who was willing to play a Montenegrin in the DF, and who now rightly accuses his coalition partners of abusing state resources in the campaign in Herceg Novi. It is interesting how he forgets to mention Mr Dritan Abazović, who does the same. This to a certain point supports the thesis that DF and URA have approached tactically.

The Democrats have been dominant in the Herceg Novi coalition so far, the question remains whether they will be able to maintain their advantage over the DF.

Krivokapić’s congratulations to Kurti

Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapić, if he took one course, might not be such a bad politician. Congratulations to Mr Albin Kurti is proof that he can be mature and consistent and work for Montenegrin interests whenever he wants. But, we must understand him, because the base that supported him in the elections belongs to the extreme pole of Serbian politics, and Ms Bratić and Messrs. Leposavić and Stijović are better representatives of that politics. Insolent Serbian nationalists. After Andrej Nikolaidis and I welcomed PM Krivokapić‘s congratulations for CdM, it became national news in Serbia, which could hardly wait to show how these two “Komitas-Duklja writers” supported Mr Krivokapić. I don’t know about Andrej, but I am sure that for my support, the Prime Minister must be well rehabilitated from Greater Serbia and the Chetniks in order for me to be able to support him. It’s not easy, but it’s not hard either. Many have already gone through that transition. Although Mr Daniel Server may have told me well on Twitter on Friday – “your standards are too low.”

The on-duty strategist and architect of the Serbian World, Mr Aleksandar Vulin, immediately pointed out the Prime Minister’s move, rubbing the donated AstraZeneca vaccines in, telling him “may you have vaccines for health, congratulations to Kurti to your honor”, or something like that. Mr Vulin‘s followers from Montenegro also appeared in the person of the already mentioned Nebojša Medojević.

Fundamental Agreement proclamations

Although at the beginning it seemed that everything had been agreed and that they were just waiting for the signature, the Prime Minister gradually postponed and changed his views. Although they initially said that the text of the Agreement was harmonized, the patriarch Porfirije began to notice the delays and “politicization”. Now, Bishop Joanikije is also open, saying that this is a working version. Bishop Joanikije is the favorite of Bečić and Krivokapić for the position of metropolitan, but he does not have Belgrade’s trust. Maybe this newly created tension is a kind of trade so that Mr Vučić would still nominate Joanikije for the metropolitan.

Passport for Željko Joksimović

In an interview for the wife of Serbian singer Željko Joksimović on TV, where she works, the Prime Minister promised a passport for her husband and Mr Novak Đoković. The Prime Minister has the right under Article 12 of the Law on Citizenship to propose admission to Montenegrin citizenship on the basis of merit. Given his nonchalant promise only because of Mr Joksimović‘s background, who knows what we can expect here. In a letter from the ministry to Nova M TV, Minister Sergej Sekulović promises that the ministers will be treated like all citizens if it is proven that they have 2 citizenships. About this and about the 21. Maj’s initiative for the deprivation of citizenship of ministers, I spoke for Nova M TV in the same report.

Božović’s cheeky provocation

The stay of the former ambassador of Serbia to Montenegro, Mr Vladimir Božović, with all the pomp and in the presence of one minister during Easter, a holiday that should unite and reconcile, is a shameless provocation. The ambassador who insulted Montenegro is now doing it again as someone who does not recognize the decisions of our Government. This is not a private visit because it was obviously covered by the media and because he was personally sent by Patriarch Porfirije on his way to Montenegro as an ambassador. The non-reaction and humility of our Ministry of Internal Affairs and other institutions is something that will be remembered. In addition to disrespecting the measures during the celebration of the biggest Christian holiday, it should do credit to the Serbian Church in Montenegro. It is obvious that they do not learn from their previous mistakes. To sin is human, to be persistent in sin is the quality well known by the church.


Professors Gordana Đurović and Ms Dina Bajramspahić spoke about the stagnation in EU integration for RTCG’s Dvogled show.

In an interview for Pobjeda, British Ambassador Karen Maddocks defended the Government over borrowing, but also warned that she would closely monitor the retrial for the coup.

The Bosniak Party reacted to the shameful visit of Ministers Spajić and Milatović.

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