Ten to Eight – Security-related stories

By Ljubomir Filipovic, CdM observer

Good morning. You’re reading a daily contextual review of the news that marked the previous day.

Read a column written by Andrej Nikolaidis titled ‘Joanikije, NATO Metropolitan?’ which was yesterday’s top story on the CdM portal. I also recommend to read the text of Boban Batricevic ‘A Montenegrin superhero – Zdrakula’.

Security-related stories

There has never been so much talk about security, but citizens have never felt so insecure as nowadays. Yesterday, Deputy Prime Minister Abazovic went to the ANB to report on his actions, because, if you look closer at the images from the meeting, it looks as if Dejan Vuksic is his boss rather than vice versa. It seems that Krivokapic had to meet with the mayor of Cetinje, and at the meeting, with the exchange of courteous greetings and the basic good will for dialogue, they exchanged opinions we were already familiar with. The Mayor of Cetinje, Kascelan, claims that the enthronement ceremony should happen outside Cetinje. Minister Tamara Srzentic also reacted by posting a tweet telling that we should respect the rights of others, which actually means that she supported the enthronement of the Metropolitan of the Church of Serbia whose worshipper she is, but also her former fellow citizens’ right to protest.

Apart from these performances, that is, meetings, Zdravko Krivokapic continues to stir tensions over the opposition and now urges imprisonment for Veselin Veljovic due to his column, when he said that police officers should disobey illegal and non-Constitutional orders. It’s not Veljovic who imposes that obligation, but the Constitution itself and laws. They have been telling for a year already that members of the former government are criminals, including the ex-director of the police. Thanks to that story, they came to power. And now, when they’re incapable of proving it and discovering those illegal actions, they urge for arrests of the people due to their activism. If you prove that Veselin Veljovic did what you had accused him of doing, that he violated the law in performing tasks, I’ll be the first to publicly support his arrest. If you are going to apprehend him for telling stories and protests, you may expect that a large part of citizens, including myself, is going to protect him.

President of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, will preside over the session of the Defense and Security Council today in Villa Gorica in Podgorica. According to the President’s office, the session will analyze the security situation in Montenegro and make decisions on the activities of the competent state bodies in overcoming security challenges inspired by the scheduled enthronement of the Metropolitan of Montenegro and the Littoral, SPC.

Yesterday, those most competent to talk about the security – the Ministry of Defense – reacted to the fake news published in ‘Borba’ and based on it, launched a procedure against the officer of the Army of Montenegro, Djordjije Vukcevic. Borba published false news that Vukcevic raised his hand displaying a Nazi salute on Sunday, while Vukcevic announced lawsuits and explained how and when the disputed image was taken.

While the security guards are trying to enthrone the Serbian metropolitan at any cost, they are opening space for Serbian BIL-lies to return to Montenegro.

Rent a Hipokrat

Docs involved in a political life are the saddest thing reflecting our society. It didn’t start now, but now we see it best. The epidemiologist, Milena Popovic Samardzic, didn’t say anything about the catastrophic situation we’ve been facing and how she worked hard until she managed to be nominated for a better position. Now she reacts only when she has to apologize for the PM’s goofs and moves of this government. It’s sad when Hippocrates turns into a hypocrite.

Nepotism of MP Jelusic

After the news on social media that members of Bozena Jelusic’s family started competing with members of Branko Radulovic’s family in who will take more positions, the spokesman of the Social Democrats, Nikola Zirojevic, called on the URA official to adopt him so that he may get a similar treatment.

That’s all for today. Have a nice day.


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