The EU’s enlargement process halted?

Maja Kocijančić

The Western Balkans is Europe and it will be part of a stronger, more stable and united European Union (EU), the EU spokeswoman, Ms Maja Kocijančić, told Pobjeda daily after the decision of the Council of the European Union to postpone opening of the negotiation talks with North Macedonia and Albania. In addition, the European Council also decided not to hold the inter-governmental conference with Montenegro which was planned for this June.

Beside all these facts, the conclusions of the European Council reiterate that Brussels “has been strongly committed to the enlargement as it represents one of the key policies of the EU”. But this policy seems to lose sense due to the more frequent indications that the EU enlargement process in the Western Balkans has slowed down or almost halted.

“The yesterday’s General Affairs Council endorsed the enlargement as the key policy of the EU and geostrategic investment in peace, democracy, prosperity, security and stability of Europe,” Ms Kocijančić emphasized.

She added the European Council would return to the issue of opening accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia in order to make clear decision as soon as possible, by Oct. 2019.







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