The Turks established 2,097 enterprises in MNE


According to the 2018 available data, there are 2,097 enterprises in Montenegro established by the citizens of Turkey, while 2,863 physical and legal persons being the citizens of Turkey are registered as owners regardless of their share in the ownership, the Tax Administration clarified for CdM.

The largest number of business organizations set up by the Turks operates in Budva – 1,048 and 609 in Podgorica.

From 2015 to 2018, the Turks registered the following number of enterprises in MNE:

2018 – 1.545 enterprises

2017 – 435 enterprises

2016 – 71 enterprises

2015 – 29 enterprises

A new hotel in Zabjelo neighborhood

Another fact that confirms the interest of the Turks in our market is that the Turkish company “Erka” recently started building of a luxury hotel and residential building in Podgorica neighborhood Zabjelo. The construction works of this 5-star hotel should be completed by 30 December 2020.

The Turkish investors have also been interested in the construction of a water park, shopping mall and a sport building in the capital and it’s planned one of Podgorica’s streets to be named as “Ankara” – the Turkish capital.




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