There’s no better place to survive this pandemic than Montenegro

Written by

Daren Evans

Retired lieutenant colonel and former military attaché for the US defense in Montenegro

My family and I were lucky to call Montenegro our home for the last six years. In the beginning, we planned to stay for two years only. We stayed in Montenegro because nowhere in  the world can we feel safer, says Mr Daren Evans, retired lieutenant colonel and former military attaché for the US Defense in Montenegro.

Montenegrins accepted by wife, me, our children and our decision to call Montenegro our home. In return, we embraced Montenegro. We learned the language, integrated into local community, we respect Montenegrin tradition and we treat every Montenegrin citizen with respect.

Outbreak of Covid 19 hasn’t changed our opinion at all. Rumors that Montenegrin authorities haven’t done enough are unfounded. That sort of propaganda is aimed at making divisions, provoking fear and panic amid crisis.

Montenegrin Government has implemented preventive, health and hygiene measures in order to suppress  spread of the virus. Seeing government’s reactions has assured my family and myself that there’s no better place to survive this pandemic than Montenegro.

As an emigrant, I would like to point out that Montenegrin doctors, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare workers are working non-stop. They deserve an applause. We should also express our gratitude to the front line- our police, firefighters and Government’s officials.

Finally, we must not forget to mention workers in food shops, gas stations, truck drivers and rubbish collectors, who keep doing their job despite the risk. As emigrants, we must stand beside Montenegro during the crisis.


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