Traffic ring for the future of Podgorica

In addition to the construction of a wastewater treatment plant, estimated at €50m, the construction of the southwest bypass is the most important capital project, both from the financial and the development aspect, deputy mayor Caslav Vesovic told Pobjeda.

“The value of this investment on the basis of the completed project is close to €22m. This project includes the construction of a boulevard type road, with four lanes, an overpass and a new bridge over the Moraca river. The route of the southwestern bypass connects the Petrovac and the Cetinje road, ie. runs from the roundabout at the Petrovac road near the Voli Distribution Centre to the site near the Grand furniture store in Donja Gorica,” Vesovic emphasises.

The deputy mayor calls to mind that the City of Podgorica, in cooperation with the Directorate for Transport, is also implementing a boulevard construction project through Donja Gorica, worth around €10m. The tender procedure for the execution of works has already been completed. In this way, a traffic ring around Podgorica will be built.

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