Training for teachers starts on 22 August

The beginning of the new school year won’t be easy for teachers and pupils because of the education reform. As of mid-August, teachers will start with trainings and pupils will have to adjust, since new textbooks won’t be printed for this school year due to the lack of time.

This means that the number of classes for certain courses will be changed. In addition, there will be rotations of some courses among grades. Up to three textbooks will be used for certain curses.

Namely, the Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the Education Institute and the Institute for Textbooks and Teaching Resources, will work on preparing teachers for work in accordance with the adopted educational reforms. Given that the reforms are comprehensive and there is lack of time, the changes will be focused on primary education.

The head of the institute’s department for research and development of the education system, Radoje Novovic, believes that everything will fall into place as of the next school year and there will be no problems.


Counselling on the implementation of the new curriculum will be organised from 22 to 25 August. All 165 primary schools are included in the process. The counselling will be attended by school headteachers, assistant headteachers, school counsellors, representatives of teachers for first five grade students as well as those teaching Biology, Geography, Informatics and Chemistry.

Ministry of Education together with British Council conducted training for a certain number of teachers. Aim of the training was to enable teachers to conduct lectures in English. Under a pilot project of Ministry of Education, a couple of first-grade departments will have classes in English starting from 4 September.


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