Turkish claim 3,2 million EUR from Herceg Novi

Herceg Novi

Turkish company “Celticoglu”, which has been in charge of carrying out works on the construction of the main drain for six years, is claiming 3.200.000 EUR from the municipality of Herceg Novi because they think that it’s the fault of the municipality that works on the “project of the century” are in delay.

The municipality of Herceg Novi on the other side engaged Law Office to represent them and want the commission for settlement of disputes to involve. If that doesn’t work, the next step is arbitration procedure.

Vice President of the municipality, Danijela Đurović, said that they would begin the process of determining the quality of executed works on Friday. They will also define the responsibilities of all subjects.

“As far as the project is concerned, the construction part of the works was finished this summer. Only the pumps haven’t been connected to the system and the secondary network haven’t been connected to the system. Also, we failed to obtain big part of the documentation from the contractor”, said Đurović.

She added that the contractor thinks that they were disabled to carry out works due tot eh activities of the municipality and that’s why the completion deadline has been extended.

“We’re also preparing our own requests since we think that the damage was inflicted on us too. Since we are dissatisfied and we refused to pay, the contractor temporarily suspended the works, to be more precise, the connection of pumps”, said Đurović.

Đurović confirms that sea was as clear as never before which indicates that the system works.


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