Turkish healthcare institutions to train Montenegrin doctors

Investments in the healthcare system of Montenegro through staff education, procurement of medical equipment and reconstruction of facilities will be one of the priorities of the Turkish Cooperation ad Coordination Agency (TIKA) for the next year, it was stated in the meeting with the Minister of Health, Mr Kenan Hrapović.

Mr Hrapović congratulated Mr Muhamed Unal on his new appointment as coordinator of TIKA. He also expressed satisfaction with the cooperation Ministry of Health and TIKA have had so far, while stating that it’s been very successful and extremely useful for the healthcare system of Montenegro.

“Turkish government, Turkish people and TIKA, have been helping Montenegro in the field of healthcare protection for many years. Through direct investment, TIKA has earmarked nearly €2,5 million so far”, said Minister Hrapović.

TIKA coordinator pointed out that they would intensify cooperation with the Ministry of Health and that healthcare projects would be given priority in the future.

“In 2020, TIKA plans a set of projects in the area of healthcare. The emphasis will be put on education and professional training of Montenegrin medical practitioners in Turkish healthcare institutions. In addition, we’ll keep investing in the adaptation of facilities and technological equipment of Montenegrin healthcare institutions”, said Mr Unal.

Mr Hrapović and Mr Unal agreed that education of medical staff was a very important segment of the cooperation between the two countries.


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