Vaccine against cervical cancer soon in Montenegro

Senad Begić

Institute for Public Health and Ministry of Health are going to introduce by the end of this year vaccine against HPV, virus that causes cervical cancer. National Advisory Committee on Immunization has cited that this is the best and most efficient options when it comes to the introduction of new technologies in the healthcare system. Director assistant and epidemiologist in the Institute for Public Health, Senad Begić, said introducing HPV vaccine was one of the priorities of the Ministry of Health.

“There’s a whole set of questions to be answered regarding the introduction of HPV. To be more precise, questions about the age, modality of giving the vaccine, where and by who. There’s a whole set of strategies for the prevention of spreading HPV and HPV vaccine is only one link in that chain. They include safe sexual intercourse, regular screening programs and vaccines that together provide the best possible results. HPV is not transmitted in a respiratory way or via droplets. That’s why prevention is based on mandatory vaccination”, says Mr Begić.

He explains that HPV vaccine prevents many other viruses.

“Besides, this vaccine is very efficient for the diseases of men genitalia. It’s still very early to tell how much the vaccine will cost but in relation to the consequences of the malignity, it’s very efficient. It will pay off, because citizens’ health is most important. We’re under great pressure. From one side, there are parents who want to protect their children as efficiently as possible. From the other side, there’s professional public, gynecologists primarily”, says Mr Begić.

It’s also very important that citizens raise awareness and change their lifestyle in order to reduce the number of diseases.

“And that’s the most difficult decision. Our habits are very bad. We are planning to develop a whole set of strategies for the development of healthy lifestyle. We must change the way we live”, said Mr Begić.

With two producers, immunization won’t cost much.

Starting from next year, HPV vaccine will be cheaper because another pharmaceutical company is going to produce it. According to Begić, the beginning price of the vaccine used to amount €300. It will be much cheaper now.

“Protective antibodies are kept in the body seven years after the vaccine is given”, says Mr Begić.

Montenegrin society has forgotten how dangerous contagious diseases are since there hasn’t been many such cases in Montenegro for years. However, people should know about the modern medicine and vaccines.


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