Vukovic: Everyone is sick and tired of TE block 2

Energy sector development strategy must be urgently reviewed and aligned with the Paris Agreement on climate change that Montenegro has recently ratified. We have to construct a new thermal power plant, but let’s call it TE first block because both the project proponents and opponents are sick and tired of the name TE second block. When the TE second block is mentioned, people turn off their TVs and they likely do the same when it comes to Parliament sittings live broadcast, DPS MP Filip Vukovic said in Parliament yesterday during the discussion on the 2016 report on situation on the energy sector. The report was adopted yesterday.

Vukovic said that Montenegro had to construct a thermal power plant block which is able to generate more energy with the same amount of coal than it is currently the case.

“We have to change the energy strategy and draft long-term plans not only in the energy but also in the economy field, since there is no state without energy sector and industry. There is no state that has only tourism sector. Therefore, I call on the Economy Ministry to urgently review the strategy, because I am afraid it will be too late if we wait for 2020,” Vukovic said, adding that the strategy has been outdated since the moment it was adopted (at least when it comes to deadlines).

He also said that Montenegro had to comply with the Paris Agreement and remarked that it would end up as the Kyoto Protocol did.

Forca MP Genci Nimanbegu cited the example of the Mozura wind farm, pointing out that the strategy must be changed. As he said, the strategy stipulates completing the project by 15 November 2017 but it is obvious that it cannot be done.


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