Žabljak packed with tourists

Crno jezero, Žabljak

Peak season in Žabljak is the vacation time, time when the town is packed with tourists. There are currently 2.500 guests there.

According to the Director of the Local Tourist Organization, Vanja Krgović, this number refers to those who have been registered in tourism capacities.

She reminds that this year there are much more tourists who are staying in unregistered capacities than it was the case last year.

“All taken into account, Žabljak is full. It is almost impossible to find a vacancy, especially in the hotel accommodation. We expected this. If we take a look at several months back – the beginning of the season really wasn’t satisfactory due to terrible weather conditions. But in the second half of July, the situation improved and the same trend will continue in August”, said Krgović.

These days, in the tourism center located at the highest altitude in Montenegro, various cultural and entertaining events are taking place. Therefore, the occupancy in August will be from 90 to 100 %.

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