40% of citizens would support DPS

In the next parliamentary elections, 40% of Montenegrins would support DPS, 23% would support Democratic Montenegro (DCG) and 15% Democratic Front (DF), a survey conducted by the American non-profit organisation International Republican Institute (IRI) shows. According to the survey, Socialist People’s Party (SNP) has 5% support, whereas Demos, Social Democrats (SD), Social Democratic Party (SDP), URA Civic Movement and Bosniak Party (BS) have 3% support each, Pobjeda reports.

The study IRI published in its website was carried out by the IPSOS agency, during the period from 6 to 12 October, on a sample of 1,218 participants.

Also, 43% of the respondents said the situation in the country would be better if the government was toppled at snap elections, whereas 31% said nothing would change. The situation would deteriorate, said 18% respondents and 8% could not assess.

As many as 54% participants in the survey said the state was going in a wrong direction, 37% said it was going in the right direction and 10% said they did not know.

The most of the respondents (66%) cited unemployment as the biggest issue in the country. It is followed by low salaries and pensions (38%), crime (33%), corruption (28) and poor living standard (26).

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