A U.S. resident issued Montenegro PM Duško Marković with death threat

Montenegrin Prime Minister Dusko Markovic received a death threat from a Facebook profile belonging to a person from the United States, originating from Montenegro.

Duško Marković

For a quick recap: PM Marković yesterday received a death threat from the FB account of Ome Radončić, who has been living in the USA. The threat was written in a comment below picture of PM Marković at the memorial service on the sad occasion of the death of Sen. John McCain.

Montenegro National Police earlier reported they had undertaken all the necessary steps in order to discover identity of a person who sent death threats via FB. According to unofficial information of Pobjeda, a daily, the police also contacted FB admin as well as the US government. The relevant US bodies immediately started investigation in order to determine whether a threat was sent from a fake or real FB account.


The Government of Montenegro on its official account confirmed that the PM Marković received a death threat yesterday, and this is not the first time that the PM has been threatened.

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