Around €207,500 for humanitarian purposes based on plea agreements

Ivica Stanković

Last year prosecutors reached 298 plea agreements, said the Supreme State Prosecutor, Ivica Stanković.

Mr Stanković pointed out that perpetrators were obliged by the agreement to pay €207.500 for humanitarian purposes.

“Plea agreement is a relatively new institute in our criminal legislation. It reduces the costs of criminal proceedings but also accelerates the process. There’s no classic trial, but the decision is rendered by the court”, said Mr Stanković.

Veljko Rutović prosecutor in the Special State Prosecution Office, that plea agreements in 2016 returned the proceeds worth more than €29 million to the state, In 2017, it was more than €6 million.

“We haven’t had decisions in the history of Montenegrin judiciary on the basis of which criminal proceeds is returned. Only sentences would be imposed”, says Mr Rutović.

As far as financial investigations are concerned, seven cases against 47 physical persons and 10 legal entities were instigated last year.

There weren’t any requests for the permanent seizure of criminal proceeds.

Mr Stanković pointed out that the percentage of confirmed indictments in the judicial control procedure last year was very high – 97,78%.

“State prosecutors have settled cases against 617 perpetrators by the application of the institute of deferred criminal prosecution. Around €239.227 was paid in humanitarian purposes”, said Prosecutor Stanković.

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