‘Bar Safe City’ project: Surveillance cameras on 42 locations


The first city in Montenegro where the surveillance cameras are going to be installed as part of the pilot program ‘Bar Safe City’ is Bar. The cameras will be placed on the 42 locations marked ‘dangerous’ by the Security Center.

Chief Officer in the Security Center, Mr Veselin Magovčević, explained that they did not choose this city by accident, Pobjeda daily reported.

“Having in mind all the incidents over the past period and a pretty complex security circumstances, it turned out that Bar is a city where the most severe (unresolved) crimes happened in the last few years. This city is largely visited throughout the whole year and recognized by the continuous crime rate starting from the early 90’s.”

Before the project was launched, a range of meetings was held, including the management of the Security Center, the Municipality of Bar and the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well.

“The company M-tel found this project very interesting, recognized its significance for the people’s wellbeing and therefore granted the whole infrastructure for free,” Mr Magovčević emphasized.

The project has been prepared in partnership with the Municipality of Bar.






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