Becanovic: I would rather set myself on fire than withdraw the dictionary


She said that there were Albanians and Bosniaks in the Council for Drafting the Dictionary.

“No one intended to insult anyone on national grounds. It is a political game that has crossed all limits of both good and bad taste”, Becanovic said at a press conference.

She believes no one can order withdrawal of identity documents of the state. According to her, the dictionary is a scientific, lexicography document, MINA news agency carried.

“This is a showdown against the institution and the members of the council and has nothing to do with the Albanian and Bosniak minority in Montenegro”, Becanovic said.

She said she was sorry that some Albanians or Bosniaks might think that CANU had intention to insult them on any grounds.

According to her, there are questionable things in the dictionary such as dates and other things that should be corrected.

“When it comes to the most sensitive things, such as identity issues, there is nothing controversial. Maybe Malesia, ie defining the population from Malesia”, Becanovic explained.

She said that CANU was open for a dialogue with all organisations which represent the rights of the Albanian and Bosniak minority in Montenegro.

As she pointed out, she is ready to correct every word that is proved to be disputable through the dialogue.

“All representatives of minorities who feel offended by the dictionary may submit a request for a dialogue”.

“If the Presidency of the CANU decided to withdraw the dictionary, I would be forced to leave this position and I would not continue to cooperate with it”, Becanovic said.

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