Crisis in the opposition has reached its peak


The opposition is continuously trying to derail the work of the Committee on Comprehensive Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation because the only acceptable electoral system for them is the one enabling them to win the elections, the political analyst Mr Srđan Vukadinović clarified for Dnevne Novine daily.

“At least we are clear with the Democratic Front as they won’t take part in any activity involving the Democrats. It tells a lot about their conflict and it cannot be solved in a year. It looks as if the whole opposition is united in efforts to derail the work of the Committee. They [the opposition] want to draft electoral legislation and a system which would make them win the elections,” Mr Vukadinović said.

The crisis and challenges in the opposition have never been greater, according to him.

“The opposition will obstruct the work of the Committee, and I’m not sure whether the Committee would be convened ever again. In my opinion, it will cease to exist,” Mr Vukadinović was adamant.




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